Fine Fabric

Rüya Pike Ltd. is a long established manufacturing company offering home, hotel and hospital textile products as fabric and ready made. With our jacquard looms and confection, we are capable of producing and designing cotton blankets, bedspreads, sofa covers, duvet covers, bed sheets, throws, cushions, tablecloths and many other products related to home textiles.


warp of the weaving machine in a jacquard weaving mill

Jacquard Weaving

With the latest technology weaving track, we realize faultless and high performance productions. The diversity in loom structures gives us the flexibility to produce jacquard fabrics in different widths, weights and yarn blends in line with the demands of our customers.


In line with customer requests, we are able to produce products in different sizes and different garment models. Our garment department, which works with the goal of ‘perfect final product’, can respond to the desired packaging specifications in the fastest way and make it ready for shipment on time.

a fabric in the hands of a master tailor, a sewing machine and our garment department
from the trend analysis of a famous fashion studio, color and pattern studies of 2 years ahead

Design and Innovation

Our design department is able to offer you the latest trends, colors and the most unique patterns through partnerships with the world’s most famous design studios. With years of experience, we create unique fabrics with many yarn blends from linen to viscose, cotton to polyester.

Our Products


100% Cotton, bamboo, viscose, polyester, lycra, chenille yarn blended fabrics can be produced with yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, garment dyeing processes in models such as with and without pillowcases, folded stitch etc.

Comforters - Quilted Bedspreads

It can be produced with different weight fillers; with applications such as hidden quilting, standard quilting; with unlimited model types such as banded, bordered, cordoned, tasseled, added. The fabrics that can be used on the front and back of the cover are determined according to your preference.

Cotton Blankets and Sets

Yarn options such as 100% cotton, bamboo, viscose, Egyptian cotton, recycled cotton, polyester, chenille; process types such as fabric dyeing, garment dyeing; models such as fringe, flat seam; options such as bed sheet sets or single covers are waiting for you.

Throws and Sofa Covers

It is offered in your preferred sizes, with the desired packaging, as a set with cushions or as a single throw; fringed or straight stitch models, in various patterns and colors with durable and soft yarn blends.

Baby and Kids

100% cotton, bamboo, egyptian cotton jacquard fabrics; with yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, piece dyeing processes; baby blankets and bedspreads can be produced in various models and sizes.

Cushions and Runners

All our bedspread, quilted bedspread, cotton blanket, throw fabrics can also be produced as cushions and runners in various models for hotels and homes, if desired, and can be presented in various packages.

Jacquard Duvet Covers and Sheets

With our jacquard loom track, we are able to produce value-added duvet cover and bed sheet fabrics with blends such as bamboo, viscose and cotton. They can be sewn in desired models and offered with preferred packaging and set options.

Tablecloth and Napkins

Tablecloths and combined napkins can be offered to hotels and homes with yarn blends such as 100% cotton and polyester, with features such as water resistance and washing resistance; with the possibility of sewing in desired sizes and models.


our customers


You can contact us to get information about our productions. We are ready to help you with your projects to develop your brand.



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